Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday 8 January 2009

I may have posted these pics before somewhere on my blog but this is an idea of some of what we put up with during our winters LOL, from the mud to the snow.

The first is of some of the wild birds with some seed that I put out for them, I have been trying since I came here to get a really good shot of a cardinal, so far this is one of the best, they are very illusive. The other little birds are house sparrows I think.

At first glance anyone driving past this scene may be shocked but believe it or not on the cold winter days when the sun is out even if there is snow on the ground, the horses will lay down and bask in the sun, mud or no mud. I saw this scene out of the kitchen window and grabbed my camera and snapped it quickly because they don't normally lay down for long periods of time. Poor babies, no grass and just mud LOL.

It is going to be a short one today again, I have been staying away from my camera and the computer a lot in the past month, trying to renew my enthusiasm, winter is not the best time. Thanks for all the comments and Joan I wish!!! I still have a lot of friends in SA and a brother, it is just not financially possible, now if any of you would like to order a crochet beanie(hat) or a poncho or something like that I could maybe do enough crochet over the next 12 months to buy a ticket!!! I will do items to order, color and design wise LOL.

Hope you are all having a good week, we are very cold, in the teens F today for highs. (((((Hugs))))



SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

If mud is good for our complection, it might be good in keeping their skin soft too!! :)

Winter is bad for a lot of people Lori. A very good friend of mine gets all grumpy right before Christmas time as that is as much winter as he can stand.

Well maybe soon you will get your wish to come and visit Lori. I will be posting some pics of the Union Buildings and gardens over the weekend so maybe if you look at them you will feel better.

CG said...

I would love a crochet hat!! A poncho would probably be too much postage LOL.

I am busy knitting tea cosies. Very therapeutic.

Love the cardinal and the horses lying down - bless!

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