Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday 4th January 2009

I hope everyone had a good weekend, we had a misty rainy but rather warm day 40sF but I didnt spend much time outside. The horses couldn't get out today because that bit of a warm up and the rain is just enough for it to get real slippery on the clay and tear what is left of the pature up, so this is a picture of everyone's favorite filly BB (IMA Blue Dudette) when she got out yesterday. She was very happy LOL.

I promised to post a picture of Deb with her poncho that I posted a pic of the other day. I made a beanie cap to go with it but ran out of the multicolored wool so ended it with a fold up in yellow. I reckon it will keep her warm and I think she was pleased with it.

Nothing much else to report, this weather is crazy. Adam can't feed the horses tomorrow morning so I am going to do that for the first time in a while. The barn is suffering from the cold weather and indability to get dried out like it does every winter but we are trying to keep on top of it. Every chance I get I put all the horses out.
Hope you all had a great weekend. ((((((Hugs))))))) to everyone who needs them, Julie I hope you had a better day today, MiKael I am jealous of your snow, yes I will admit I love the snow, just not the extreme cold and wind and you dont need it to be extreme cold to snow so hopefully we will have at least one good snowfall before the end of winter.
See y'all tomorrow.


Donna said...

I try not to have favorites but I must admit I do love the blue markings. It has been in the mid-30s here in the mornings and in the mid-40s in the afternoons, balmy by your standards but cold for us! I rode today anyway, aren't you proud of me? [;o)

CG said...

Much better day, thanks for hug :) I love the poncho so much!!

Wingnut said...

Oh Oh OH, I still want her, lmao......

HEY! I got my poncho yesterday, OMGosh! I am in love, it is so snuggly and warm, my dh says I look rather bohemian, lol. I will have someone snap a shot for you soon. Thank you girl, I love it so so so much!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

LOL Cyndie she really is a sweet mischievious filly and so gentle but she can get really naughts LOL.

So glad the poncho got there, I was so worried about the length and the neckline because you are tall. Does the length work?? I supose I will have to wait until I see a pic with you wearing it.

Donna I like to try and not have my favorites too but it is sooooo hard with so many and all with different personalities.

CG go get em girl, glad you had a better day ((((Hugs))))

It is snowing lightly here, dont know if we will get much accumulation, we will see.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

This is a beautiful horse Lori and you really captured her joy at being able to run around. It must be awful for them to be cooped up inside on bad weather days.

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