Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday 1st May 2009 - New Beginnings

Today's picture is of the little B&W colt that I bred three years ago and was bought by my friends Stan (who is riding him) and Val, His name is Eb (DBD EBONY WONDERBAR). I went trail riding on Sunday as I just felt I needed a day away and snapped a few shots while I was out there.

Okay you guys I know I have said it before but I really am going to try to get this blog up and running again and keep it going. I am still a bit numb and there is still an element of disbelief that Larry is not with me anymore, it gets lonely here on my own and I find myself looking for him or thinking about him often.

Thank you so much EVERYONE who sent me messages of support, good vibes, positive thoughts and Hugs while I went through this ordeal, they were all greatly appreciated during a really difficult time.

There is so much to arrange and ends to tie up and without your support and the support of my friends Tiffany, Pepper, Michelle and Lisa along with my sister-in-law Rita and my "grandkids" I don't know how I would have got through it. The arrangements for a funeral here in USA are so different from what I am used to where I come from and seeing Larry for the first time at the viewing and then the last time before going to the cemetary were definitely the hardest part.

I still find myself wandering around the house aimlessly not knowing where to start but somehow everything is getting done (I hope).

The first and most important thing is that I need to find a constant source of income so may have to find a day job because there was no will and no insurance as Larry's insurances had been depleted when he first had his accident. So basically all the debt, taxes etc. fall on my shoulders, and you don't want to know what a funeral costs here either! They did a wonderful job though and at least I have good memories and pictures in my mind of Larry as I last saw him.

We have just had one of the 7 wettest Aprils ever recorded in Indiana and May is normally our wettest month of the year, so everything is just mud and puddles. The poor farmers havent been able to plant their corn and beans because the fields haven't dried enough for them to get them done with one day hot three days freezing and raining repeatedly. No relief in sight from the rain for the next 5 days so here's hoping that it stops for long enough before the middle of May so they can get their crops in or it will start getting too late to sew, and grow enough to get it harvested before winter. That of course will make the grain prices crazy again and they are still high enough now.

I am making plans to get all the horses that are saleable broke to ride and safe and then sold (or given away if necessary) to good homes for whatever we can get for them and believe me you can buy a horse for $100 at a sale these days so they are not bringing much, but at least I feel that I am giving them a better chance at finding good homes and being safe to ride this way, rather than ending up in a slaughter house. Drew is a great trainer and he, Annette and Tanya have already found possible buyers for 2 of them but they have horse flu in their barn at the moment and need to get that cured before they can take horses in or out of the barn as it is highly contagious. Drew, Annette and Tanya have been a godsend to me with this dilemma and I can never thank them enough or repay them for their help with this.

I made my first sale on last week!!!!! Three sets of trading cards, I mailed them yesterday so I hope that the buyer will be happy with them. I am going to start listing more stuff there today and start preparing stock images again for the photo agency and magazine because I have a feeling that this will be how I earn an income with the job market being so bad at the moment.

Well that is about it for today, I am sure there will be more trials and tribulations over the months to come so hold onto your seats.


Strawberry Lane said...

Wishing you all the best with your new challenges and your new life.

Such a beautiful colt! So glad you went out riding ... must have been good for your spirits.

Congrats on your sale! You are so talented!

CG said...

I'm glad you got to go riding and for your first sale. I look forward to reading your blog on a regular basis again.
Don't feel too lonely - friends are always near in spirit!

Anonymous said...

It was good to hear from you and to see you are working on the blog. I liked the photo at the top too.

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Lori
Really good shot of Stan. The horse is beautiful. Hope you are feeling better.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Hello Lori. I am pleased to see you are back in action again. There is nothing like it to get your mind off other things.

I am sure there are going to be many adjustments for you in the next while and getting a job is an excellent idea. I know they are scarce at the moment, but you never know, maybe you will find something ideal.

It sounds like awful weather!! We were supposed to have rain this weekend, but although it is cloudy and rather cool, it has not rained yet.

Mike Young said...


I know these days have been difficult for you. I am looking forward to your renewed blogging, counting on it in fact! :)

I am glad you got out to do some riding. Congratulations on the Etsy sale. I need to think about selling some stuff one of these days!

I think some of your plans are sound. Just take time to think things through as you approach each new thing. You will do fine.

Take care until next time.


Donna said...

You sound like you are doing fine, I can't even imagine how difficult the past month or so has been. You are so talented I am sure you will be able to make things work financially. If I could buy one or your horses, I would...maybe I will be able to when one of your blues are broke and safe.

photogchic said...

You got a good plan in place and sound very organized. I wish you much luck in finding good homes for the horses. They are so beauitful and even tempered, I imagine you will be successful in that venture. I just bought my mother's day gift off shopping there.

smellshorsey said...

You have all the courage and talent you need. I'm just so very sorry that you get to find that out the hard way.

I know you don't completely believe, but I know that God is watching over you. You don't carry this alone.

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