Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday 30 July 2009 - I'm Baaaaack

Who knows for how long, have been taking lots of odd shots over the weeks but just havent got to edit and post them.

Below are various pics of my new boarder Gee. I have had her boarding here a lot over the past 4 years and she is back and helping to pay the feed bills. I loved this filly the first time I saw her. She is a thoroughbred (bred for flat racing on a track) and a lot of these were taken very late in the evening after the sun had gone behind the horizon so with her dark color they appear a bit dark. She is a very tall horse, easily 6 inches taller than my tallest paint horse. Below is Kendal leading her out into the field, her surroundings are a bit strange so we are babysitting her until she gets used to the lay of the land.

April, Goldie and BB enjoying the fresh air and bit of grass amongst the weeds.
This is BB and April coming in for feed time.
These below are more of Gee enjoying stretching her legs. Boy she can run!!!!

Well that is about it, so much happening, some good some bad, just not enough hours in the day.
((((Hugs)))) to those of you hanging in and continuing to visit my blog.
If you like my photos, I am offering a very inexpensive way to have a small copy (trading card size) of them as collectors items which I am doing using my Etsy site or if you are looking for inexpensive gifts for you or family or friends please visit my Etsy shop at here you will find all sorts of goodies from my photo trading cards to crocheted dish wash cloths (which I highly recommend asonce you have used these woollen ones you wont use anything else).


CG said...

Always good to hear from you and wonderful photos!

Lulu said...

Hello....I'm a long time visitor, but haven't commented in a while.

Have you considered doing another calendar? I know I would be interested in purchasing one!

Take care! (I LOVE the pictures of Gee!!!)

Donna said...

My TB mare is 16 hands, these pictures remind me of her. My summer has been filled with good and bad as well, I hope you are doing OK.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi CG I am having good and bad days as you well know, think of you daily.

Lulu thanks so much for your continued visits, I havent been that reliable recently because there are just not enough hours in the day and motivation is not good. Your calendar idea is a good one, I will see what I can arrange and perhaps market them through my Etsy site. Is there a particular theme that you would like to see or just horses in general?

Donna, you are in the same situation as CG and I I know, it is a struggle and some days are better than others, but it is the good days that make it worthwhile just wish there were more of them!

Thanks guys and all the other visitors good to see you all still coming on over. ((((Hugs)))


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