Monday, August 3, 2009

3 August 2009

I have over the years collected photos of each stage of the Monarch Butterfly's growth and have never been able to get it in the pupa stage. Well this year I decided that when I saw the first caterpillar I would watch it until I thought it was a reasonable size then cover the plant or bring it on the plant inside and monitor it's transformation. In the past I have always seen the worms then they just dissappear and I have hunted and hunted for the crysallis to no avail.

This is what it was looking like today, beautiful green color with spots of glistening gold around the top and bottom of it. I am hoping that I will catch it emerging. The transformation from caterpillar to the first stage where it turned green was so quick literally in the space of a few hours it had turned. I will keep you posted. I have not seen many Monarchs around this year and this is the only caterpillar I have found so far and I have made a point of protecting the Milkweed plants which are their staple diet along our fence lines but I dont know if it is the mild weather or what but I have only seen one butterfly and one worm thus far.
The next pic is of Herbie. He is such a beautiful little boy, if you look on his right side the white pattern looks like one of Casper's beastly brothers with the sheet over its head and hands up and legs behind!! We still havent settled on a name for him but Michelle thought maybe Herbert's Spooktacular would fit him LOL. He also appears to be changing color from the sorrel we thought he was going to be to a black, or grullo. If you look closely at his hindquarters, his baby hair is shedding out and it is coming back almost black??? I will post a better one of it when it has shed out a bit more.
I have been trying to get all of my paperwork sorted out. Stan got me a lovely carpet to put into my office and bedroom areas. While Larry was alive it was not possible because his wheelchair just wasnt compatible with carpeting and this piece although it is nearly 10 years old is in immaculate condition. The piece out of the lounge alone is big enough to do both of these rooms, so I have moved everything out of the back room that used to be the dumping ground and am making that into my bedroom and the main room where we spent most of our time which was the bedroom I am going to set up as my office with tables and computers etc. The only problem with this is that I have had to pile everything into my living room until it gets done and it may be a week or so before anyone can get to it!!! So in the meantime I am just going through stuff and filing and keeping what I need to keep and throwing what can go out away, a bit each day.

Hope you are all well and had a great weekend ((((Hugs))))))

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Abraham Lincoln said...

These are really nice photographs. But look as hard as I could and I still didn't see the character you described. LOL

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