Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Where to start!!!! So much happening over the past 2 weeks. The photo is of the Monarch butterfly about half an hour before it started emerging from the pupa. I had to go out just after I shot this and when I came back an hour later there was a butterfly fully emerged, so I missed the whole thing!! Pics of that to follow.

BB and Kendal won their class at the Indiana State 4H Show and got 3rd overall in the halter horse division!! Not a bad deal for their first year showing considering the first and second plkaced horses had been competing for a few years at least, the one was in her last year of 4H (18 years old). The judge and other exhibitors had nothing but good things to say about this pair. They just do each other justice. Unfortunately I dont have any photos as I was shooting a Pinto show while they were there but I have a few pics that Michelle and Kendall took but havent had time to edit them yet.

The Pinto show was very hot and although not as successful as they hoped, it was a good weekend and enjoyed by all. I am still trying to get the ordered photos out which will help with the bills tremendously!!!!!

Annette sold another filly for me, Dawn one of the 3 year olds which is great and possibility of Taxes being sold too but probably at the end of the show season, everything is so crazy right now with shows every weekend that the people havent been able to come and look at him yet. He is looking awesome, I will try to get photos of all the horses down the road soon.

Other than that lots happening but I am starting to feel really human again and things are looking up, I hope it will continue this way.

Hope you all had a great weekend too. ((((Hugs)))))



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CG said...

Glad you are busy and feeling better!!

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