Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday 20 August 2009

Yep I am still alive and kicking. Crazy busy but thought I better post something, not my usual fare but I found these guys in the pond down the road yesterday. They all ducked very quickly when they saw me, the frogs gave me one heck of a fright as they chirp loudly like a bird when frightened!!!

The turtles didnt make another appearance but I somehow managed to get this one shot of one coming up for air, they are so quick.

Water must have been good and this guy watched me warily while I snapped off a few shots.

This last one also made a very brief appearance like the turtle but I thought it was quite cute LOL.

Hope everyone is well, I am having good and bad days, still struggling along but keeping my head above water (like these guys above!!).




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Anonymous said...

All nice photos, Lori. I like the frogs and turtles. Haven't seen them anywhere around here for a long time.

I have the issue of "breast feeding" on my main blog today Pick a Peck of Pixels

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