Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday 13 January 2012

This is a favorite pic of mine, my bottle baby taken quite a few years back. Think she was 2 years old here. I call her Wiggle Monster but her name is DBD Indian Dreamaker
Wow I said we were gonna pay for our mild weather and we sure are, wind chills of -7F today!!! To think that 2 days ago I was walking around in a T-shirt! Frozen buckets, frozen stables (poop included), snow banks because we have 30 mph winds, frozen water troughs and frozen hoses!!! Yay you gotta love it LOL. Horses tucked in safe and sound today again, just dreading the clean up when I can get into the stables again. Consider, each horse produces about 40-60 lbs of poop a day and multiply that by 19 each day, something to look forward to!!


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