Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday 12 January 2012

It has been a wild winter, very mild with pretty awesome weather up until today. Mud has been dreadful but toss up between the snow cold and mud hmmmm .... which one to choose LOL. At midday today we saw the temps start plummeting, has been in the 50sF for a while now and right now I think it is about 25 (well below freezing) blowing a gale and snowing!!! Quite a drop in the space of 24 hours. Our wind chill tonight is going to be 0F and out high tomorrow 21F!!!

Horses all tucked into their stables, becomes a real pain to keep 12 stalls clean and then 7 more at my friends' whose horses I care for too. Okay I will quit complaining!!

Todays pics were taken this past summer when I first put Herbie out with the rest of the herd. I had him gelded (ouch!!) and he could become a horse again instead of leading the solitary life of a stallion. This is my last foal that I will breed, he is 3 years old in June and as laid back as his daddy.

Celebrated my birthday yesterday, time flies!!



raccoonlover1963 said...

Sweet little Herbie! Not so little any more! lol

Strawberry Lane said...

Wow ... 19 horses to care for. You are impressive!

A belated VERY Happy Birthday!

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