Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday 10th January 2012

I seem to have an affinity for attracting waifs and strays!! A few months ago I noticed a female cat at a neighbors property heavily pregnant. She then went on to obviously have her kittens and I saw her from time to time and about three weeks ago I saw one of her kittens with her, a gorgeous white kitten with cream ears, tail and paws!! Then nothing until she appeared in my barn a week ago with two kittens, an all ginger one (seen right below) and one with beautiful siamese markings. Since then there has been coming and going, different kittens appearing and disappearing and today I had these three in the barn along with the white with cream points, but that one disappeared again leaving just these 3. They are pretty scared of me right now but are getting better, such fun to watch them.

They love their green mice and like to "kill"them!!! This little calico has a bent ear, so cute.
Here is one of the original and the most friendly of the kittens, he is quite brave.
I have had as many as 12 cats in the barn and was down to the final 3 when this little family appeared, if there are in fact 5 kittens I will have to do fund raising to get them all fixed!!! My oldest is nearly 11 years old, he was born shortly after I came to the USA.

Well that is all for today.


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