Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday 21 January 2012

A quickie for today, here is a pic taken this past summer with 5 of my brood in my "pasture" which is severely lacking in grass!!! From L-R : Wiggle (my 7 year old bottle baby) Gee (my 8 year old TB mare), Goldie (my beautiful 4 year old golden palomino and I mean awesome golden color when she is not so dirty), Kooter (19 year old momma of Goldie) and April (grand-daughter of Kooter 11 years old).

Bitterly cold today but sun shining and horses got out for a few hours. They had a ball and bucked and played after a few days cooped up in their stalls. It has been so muddy this year and we are heading for more mild weather after tomorrow. It has just been crazy.

Have a happy Sunday!!


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