Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Tribute to My Friend Michelle Cowgill

This is one of my favorite photos of Michelle who passed away suddenly on 9 October 2011. She would have been 55 today and her passing has left a huge hole in my heart and my friends Judy and Susan. She is pictured here riding the love of her life, Dosie. This is the horse that gave her the confidence and courage to end a 25 year abusive marriage and start a new life for her and her daughter. She was just finding happiness after her divorce and losing her job when she was taken from us. Dosie loved her as much as we did. He was my breeding stallion for 8 years when I gave him to Michelle. He had never been "my" horse, he tolerated me and he only ever had eyes for Michelle and she felt the same way about him.

Michelle was an incredible woman and loved her children, grandkids and her horse unconditionally and totally. We didnt always see eye to eye but our friendship was solid and we always got past our differences which didn't happen often. She shared her hopes and dreams with me and I am just so saddened that she could not realize them.

I will miss you my friend. Her favorite song was Cowgirls Dont Cry which contains the lyrics "Ride Baby Ride" so that is what I wish for her, until we meet again.


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