Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday 12 January 2013

Yesterday was my birthday and we had the most beautiful weather, it was in the 50s F which is unusual for this time of the year, it is normally freezing and below.  We had a big rain storm the night before and while I was travelling home from feeding my friend Judy's horses (I was a passenger not the driver) I saw this sunset and started shooting as we drove.  The water came into view while I was snapping and I hit the shutter and this is the result.  The water collects in the corn and bean fields whenever it rains, Indiana is pretty flat so the drainage is not always great.  I thought it worked as a picture, along with the jet streams in the sky.  A glorious end to a great day.


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Strawberry Lane said...

Spectacular photo! Happy, happy birthday. How terrific it was such a great day!

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