Monday, January 22, 2007

22 January 2007

Today was much the same as yesterday and the day before, overcast and dull but the snow is still on the ground.

My trainer came today and took my 8 year old stud to see if he can make him into a cow horse (roping, reining, cutting). He has led such a solitary life because he cant be turned out with the other horses and desperately needs a job. He is a gorgeous horse and I think he is going to do well. He was broke to ride at age 2 so he shouldn't be too much of a challenge, it is just a matter of finding what he is good at and enjoys. My three year old hand raised baby went too because she has become too much of a handful for me, thinks I am another horse and I cant get her respect. She isnt mean just thinks that I am another horse and she can play with me the way she does with all the other horses whch is not a good idea as she weight about 1000lbs to my 141 lbs. He also took one of the babies, we did a bit of a trade for the training and he seems to be hapy with that so we are optimistic. Sad to see them go but I have two stalls less to clean and one less baby in the bottom of the barn and I know they are with someone who cares and will look after them.

So here are is a pic of the one baby running in the snow today and the one stud colt chewing the top of the typing post, they are really enjoying the snow. I really must start trying to shoot something else or you guys are gonna get sick of seeing hundreds of variants of my horses LOL.

Hope you all had a good day.


Rising Rainbow said...

Oh wow, look at the snow all over that muzzle. Too cool! Wish I was this good with a camera. I love how your pictures show the personalities of the horse.

Keep them coming!!!

Kaycee said...

I really enjoy viewing your horse photos, especially the action shots. Keep them coming!

AB said...

I definitely won't get tired of seeing photos of your horses - they are all so beautiful!

Love the snow you captured on the muzzle - so sweet. As rising rainbow said, your photos show the horses' personalities so well.

talj said...

Oh Lori these are just beautiful, I love the first one, but they are all great. They look like they are having so much fun in the snow! Hope its not too cold for you over there!! :o)

mrsnesbitt said...

Oh wow! How gorgeous are the horses against the snow!
My first visit here...I have many friends who adore horses, would you mind if I put your blog on my list of PAD's


Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Thanks so much everyone, D please feel free to pass the link on, the more the merrier! These are just a few of the horses, once I can start getting the others out and they get to running and playing in the snow (we are expecting a bit more over the next few days) then you will see a few different horses and hopefully as it get warmer I can get a bitmore creative without freezing my fingers off. Thats not including all the babies that have passed through the barn and gone on to new homes. If I can just change one person's opinion of horses (there are a lot of voters on DPC who will vote a picture down because they dont like them for whatever reason) then I will be happy.

I decided to make this blog more like a diary that I can look back on too (nothing too personal I promise LOL) and since the horses consume so much of my life this is how it is turning out at the moment.

Thanks again, I enjoy the interaction, I dont get to socialise a lot with others because of my and my husband's circumstances so it is great to do it this way.

Have a great day.

Karen said...

Beautiful photos, love the first one!!

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