Thursday, January 25, 2007

25 January 2007

There are just not enough hours in the day, I keep saying that and unless my life slows down dramatically I think I am gonna have a nervous breakdown LOL.

A friend of mine gave me a nice big piece of black felt, well not huge, it is about 5ft x 5ft and I was interested to see how reflective it is. I have been wanting to buy a piece of black velvet for ever but living in the country I have to travel 22 odd miles to get to a Walmart (Big Supermarket/Superstore for non Americans) or fabric shop. Our little town just has our essentials nothing more. I hate shopping so I put it off for as long as humanly possible. Anyway I thought I would shoot something on it and see, I just used the on camera flash on my 20D and made up a makeshift infinity curve with it and put one of my husband's many indian ornament collection pieces on it and took a few shots. It isnt as good as velvet for sure but it can be sorted out quite quickly in PS. I need to find a willing model and take a few portraits on it using the studio flash. I havent shot that sort of thing for ages.

So this is my picture for the day. I have also included a horse shot to give those who want it their daily fix of horses. This is the Blue Roan filly BB who I shot the other day with her feet and nose in the ice in the field. She is 3 years old now and is gorgeous.

Hope you all had a good day, we got a bit more snow and the temps are dropping tonight into the single digits F so the cold has finally come. Keep well all.



Rising Rainbow said...

Lori, Have you thought about looking on ebay for your velvet. I swear you really can find just about anything there. I know there are a number of sellers who sell nothing but fabric through their e-store and/or ebay. Even if there isn't a piece listed the size or color you want, the real dealers will have it and you can order it. I hate to "waste" my time shopping so I always look ebay first, online second.
What color is this horse? Being an Arabian owner, I only know the basics. It looks black on the muzzle but are the body spots graying or roan or...?

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

HI Mikael, I will sure try e-bay but there is synthetic velvet out there and it doesnt work so I am a bit scared that it what I will end up with.

BB is Blue Roan. Her daddy (I will post a pic of him in my blog today) was a QH. Just a few months after we bred to him he had a real bad roundpen accident similar to the one Blue had but with far worse consequences as he wasnt found as quickly and as calm so he had to be put down at age 3 so she is really his only baby. The typical blue roan traits are black legs to just above the knees, a black head and then the mixture of greyish/blue and white hairs over the rest of the body. As BB is sort of a Tobiano Paint(I dont know if you saw the tryptique I did of her at the beginning of my blog showing her three faces), they have solid color heads with the exception of a blaze, star or strip and white legs. BB has one spot just above one of her knees that is half black and half roan, so basically what I am trying to say is that if she wasnt a Tobiano (particular paint pattern) she would have black legs to the knees as well as the black head on both sides.

Hope this all makes sense.

talj said...

The background seems to have worked pretty well and I like the set up, very nice! As always your horse shot is beautiful!

I hope the temperatures don't drop too much for you and you have a good day :o)

rennie said...

You horses are always pleasure to look at. It's amazing, as today I bought a couple of black and white sheets of carton and I'm going to experiment with them.

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