Wednesday, January 31, 2007

31 January 2007

PJP Baybee Doll 2 months

WH PJ Piglette & PJP Baybee Doll 1 day old

WH PJ Piglette

I have managed to finish one month and this is actually one that I shot today. Not much color in the sky and had a mixture of cloud and sunshine.

This mare is called WH PJ Piglette. I wont go into the history of how she got her name LOL but she is a rescue mare who we bought off a PMU (Pregnant Mare Urine) Farm when they lost their contract with the pharmaceutical company for using the urine to produce oestrogen. When they started using a synthetic product for the oestrogen they cancelled their contracts with a lot of these ranches, a lot of which were in North Dakota and in Canada. They had hundreds of mares, foals and stallions on each farm and that flooded the market and a lot of them probably ended up in the kill pens. It makes me so sad to think about it. The horses on the farms werent always very well looked after and she was in pretty bad shape when she arrived here and she was in foal. She has the sweetest disposition but has obviously been abused because if she panics she is very hard to handle and is very wary about her head and ears being touched. The baby she had was a beautiful little bay filly which I called PJP Baybee Doll, I will include a picture of Baybee too with "Miss Piggy" which is what I call her, she does love to roll in the mud. I just wish I could have saved more of them. Baybee was a day old in this picture.

Still icy cold here, but there was no wind today which made it more bearable so I was able to put the horses out for a few hours while I tidied up a bit in the barn. I didn't achieve much as it is still too cold to spend long periods out there.

Hope you all had a good day.



Rising Rainbow said...

Over the years I think there have been lots of horses rescued from those farms that had contracts with the pharmaceutical companies. It's a very sad thing. It breaks my heart.

I have a friend that's involved in rescuing Arabian horses (funded by Region V of the Arabian Horse Assc) and she's actively involved in three cases right now. One woman wants to sign over her horses so she won't be prosecuted but she's taking a vacation to Arizona right now. I just want to throttle her, She can't afford to feed her horses but she can vacation in Arizona. Some people...and the poor horses pay. So sad.

I find myself thinking I wished we lived closer too, great minds think alike......maybe.

super-dave said...

more happy horses ... i love it. the foal in the springtime is a great photo ... i also like the black horse in the snow ... great contrasting colours.

well done

talj said...

Beautiful images as always and a sad story about all those other horses :o( I am glad you managed to rescue PJ :o) I love the last shot, the black against the snow works so well :o)

rennie said...

Fantastic story and great pictures. This filly was very lucky to be saved by you.

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