Sunday, February 18, 2007

18 February 2007

I thought the one below looked like a dolphin jumping

I just havent had the inspiration for much today. We are still without water and the guy who was meant to come to pull the well pump yesterday never showed up and we cant raise him on the phone. So we will start the rounds of plumbers again tomorrow. I am still having to get friends to ship water in for the horses, about 130 gallons for them alone a day and this was day 3. I am just so disheartened. I saw these icicles today which formed from the snow melting on the roof of the house and dripping down onto the plants below (it was about 18F today) and the one lot is hanging from the roof.
See Y'all


talj said...

Oh Lori I am so sorry to hear that your plumber guy didn't turn up :o( I will be thinking of you tomorrow as you search for someone to come and sort things out for you. I hope that they get out to you quick

{{{BIG HUGS}}}

I love the photos today, so clear and crisp! Don't think I'd like to be standing near one of those if it snapped off though!!

Aall the best to you, Know that even though I can't get there I am thinking of you xx

AB said...

You're in my thoughts Lori - I hope you don't have to struggle on without water much longer. Try and keep your chin up {{HUGS}}

Beautiful icicle photos - that one really DOES look like a dolphin! I remember how I used to love looking at the icicles along the eaves of our house when I was growing up - yet another thing about a North American winter I miss here in the UK!

CG said...

Oh Lori, it is hard to hear your that you are struggling and not be able to help in any way.I hope you know that your blogger friends would be doing what they could to help if they were closer. despite your feelings you've given us some lovely photos. I like the bottom one the best. We don't see many icicles here in the UK.
Love and hugs J x

Anna said...

So sorry to hear of all these troubles Lori. I love how you have turned such a irritating and disconcerting time into a wonderful photo opportunity. That says alot about your character.

Take care there....these images are great I think.

Rising Rainbow said...

Your idea of not having inspiration and mine are not the same thing. These are beautiful.

rennie said...

In this difficult times probably you don't have a lot of time or strengh to think about challenges but it would've been perfect entries for current ICE challenge. I sinceirly hope, that your trauma will be over soon. Good you have some good friends there.

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