Monday, June 25, 2007

25 June 2007

I am going to post some more barn swallow pictures today. I really want to start posting on my new blog but just havent found time. That will be devoted to these animal pictures and stories.

In the first two pictures if you cloick on them to see larger versions you may be able to see the worms in her beak and in the last one her crop is all swollen (around her throat and cheek area) with the insects and worms she/he has found to feed the babies. He/she was waiting until I moved a bit further away before feeding the babies.

I am still trying to catch up and making slow headway. It was very hot and humid today so not pleasant to be outside. Needless to say the barn work got behind too.

Well tomorrow is another day so I am going to call it a day and get some sleep. I hope you are all well. (((((Hugs))))))



Mike said...

Hey, thanks for the visit. I love the updates on the barn swallows. I hope all is going well, hasn't the heat been something?

I can just imagine Taxes will be a little lonely for a while but maybe it will do him good. Maybe he will learn to chill a little. But then September will hit and he will go wild!

I love science fiction stuff and recently discovered the SciFi channel on a recent business trip. I got to see four episodes of Star Trek in the short time I was there.

Tell Larry hi for me and you take care of yourself. Take plenty of breaks. (ok Dad) is probably what you are thinking.

Take care.


AB said...

Those barn swallows are something special. They swoop so gracefully.

Thinking of you and Larry - give him my best wishes! Sending lots of love and {{HUGS}}


CG said...

{{{HUGS}}} to you and Larry, Lori. What amazing photos of the swallows!

Elaine said...

These photos are great! How neat to be able to watch them grow.

Rising Rainbow said...

Will these babies be ready to fly soon? I've forgotten how long that takes. My cats can reach all of the nesting places in our barns so don't have any nests anymore.

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