Thursday, June 28, 2007

28 June 2007

We started with a really nice cool day but it soon got humid, although not as hot as the past few days. It rained this afternoon, a nice downpour again that soaked into the ground as fast as it came down and then pooled a bit on top for a short while after the rain stopped. Still very humid now but they say that we will have a very nice day tomorrow in the 70s with low humidity.

The baby birds are sooo cute, I will try to get shots of the other nest tomorrow. I also have shots of a baby robin that I found on the ground the other morning surrounded by my cats with its parents swooping and screaching. I picked it up as it was obviously trying to learn to fly. I put it up in the pine tree on one of the lower branches and mom and dad kept a close eye on it as there was also one of those black/blue birds hovering around waiting to pounce. They were chasing it away constantly. The baby eventually hopped up onto higher branches with more cover and I couldnt see them anymore so I hope that it survivied. I will try to post some of those tomorrow.

My pictures today are of the six yearlings which I desperately need to sell. The large group has all six but Dream is hidden behind the others so I posted a picture of him and Blaze as well. It is hard to take photos of them because they all follow me around in a long line, looks like the pied piper LOL.

Pic 1 : from left to right, Dee, Dawn, Dudette, Blaze and Eb
Pic 2: L-R Dream and Blaze

They are all going through a height spurt especially Dream. Three of them are already as tall as a lot of our older horses. They are going to be big compared although two of them's Daddy was the stallion that our friend lost recently and he was huge.

A big congratulations to Annette, Tanya and Morgan (I posted pictures last month of Annette and Morgan at a recent show that I shot). They got a World Champion and Two Reserve World Champion awards at the Pinto World Show last week and Morgan got some great placings in large fields in the children's classes.

Well that is it for today. Thanks all for your visits ((((Hugs)))). "See" y'all tomorrow.



photogchic said...

Lots of color! They look big for yearlings...all filled out and past that gangly stage. Good luck finding the right homes.

Rising Rainbow said...

Hey! My friend's daughter did really well at the pinto worlds too. She won three belt buckles, 2 for champ and one reserve. Pretty cool. From the looks of you herd you should be showing some horses there. (I'm sure you need another thing to do. LOL)

Hope all is well there. I think I'm almost over my bug. But usually about the time I think that, it knocks me down again.

Oh, and I know about that thing with being hard to take pics because the herd is following behind you. They are so funny. But I love the pic of them all together must be "after you." LOL

Julie Blair said...

Hi Lori,

I am in love with Dream...such great color and a beautiful face. You do have the most beautiful horses! I remember I fell in love with one last year that you posted on you still have him?
Glad it is cooler there. It was actually pretty toasty here today in So Cal. Have a great Friday!

AB said...

What gorgeous horses -- Dream is just that... a dream! :) I can just imagine them all following you around, one behind the other, just like the Pied Piper LOL

Glad to hear that you've had some much-needed rain; that's the last thing England needs right now - more rain - yet there are weather warnings in effect for yet more of the wet stuff this weekend. So many homes and businesses are flooded, and the risk is present for so much more. Keeping my fingers crossed that the rain is not as bad as is being forecast.

Lots of love and {{HUGS}}


Mike said...

So many horses! I hear all thier names but you don't realize how many you have until you do the group shot! They are all beautiful. I imagine it is difficult to part with them after watching them grow up. But good luck with them and as another said I hope they all find good homes.

Hope you and Larry are doing well.

CG said...

Those yearlings are all stunning; if you were in England I'd get one for Sian for sure. The hard thing would be choosing!

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