Friday, June 29, 2007

29 June 2007

No horse images today, I spent the day cleaning stalls. We had a beautiful cool non humid day and I made the most of it. My first picture is from the storm we had a few days ago. This was the cloud front that came over us as the weather moved east. I really thought it looked a bit tornadic and watched it for quite a while. It was swirling a bit but obviously not enough to turn into a tornado, scary none the less.

The second picture is of a leaf on a vine that grows in the field and it has these strange deformities on it. I would be interested to know what causes them, they look like growths of some kind, really weird.

Can you believe tomorrow we are half way through the year already!! I am pretty proud of myself, I havent missed one day of my blog since the 1st of January, that is a milestone for me. I have met so many great people through this blog and have seen and shared lots of great photos.

The stallion that we gelded six weeks ago is nearly ready to start being introduced to the mares again and the pastures so I started by taking him for a walk around the pasture this evening so he can get used to where the fences are. I am going to tie fluorescent tape onto the fence tomorrow so it is more visible. That is my biggest fear, a horse running through a fence and cutting his/her legs up. I use a rather thin wire and electrify it because I would rather it broke easily if one of them runs into it than for it to get wrapped around their legs and cutting them up badly. They learn about the electricity and stay away from it. I would love those white rail fences or even the white electric tape fences which are more visible. I will do this with him every day for the next two weeks and hopefully he will be familiar enough with the layout that we will avoid him being stupid. He is another horse that we really need to find a great home for. He is a great horse and rides really well, he cold have done so much more if I had the time or if we could have found him someone who would work with him. He is 9 years old now but is still a great horse. He is the father of Lori, Eb, Cookie, Cayenne and Blue among others who have been sold I dont talk about much.

Oh well I am waffling. Hope you all had a great Friday. I know I forgot catblogging Friday, I do have a photo, I will post it tomorrow. It is getting really late so I will say G'nite, see y'all tomorrow. ((((Hugs)))))



talj said...

That certainly does look like it could have turned into a tornado! Glad it didnt! :o) Love the 2nd shot too, hope you have a lovely weekend {{HUGS}} xx

CG said...

Yes, am glad you didn't get a tornado. I wonder what the growths are - they make for an interesting shot.
I was so interested reading about the fences. I'm glad you don't use the thick wire; your way sounds safer.

wow, half a year!! I'm so glad we met, Lori {{{{HUGE HUGS}}}}

Mike said...

Neat cloud shot. I get into those! Glad it wasn't turning into a tornado though.

The deformities on your vine look like they may be some sort of gall. This is where some bug usually a wasp of some kind lays eggs in this plant and the grow in there and eventually hatch. I may be all washed up as these are normally on trees. Oak leaves get them very badly here in Missouri.

Hope your horse gets used to the fences ok. There are lots of things I would like to have but never get there. I understand the usefulness of the white fence now. I always learn so much here!

Take care.


Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, that does look like a scary storm. Glad it didn't do anything worse.

i missed catbloggind day too. LOL Still haven't got my picture yet but I'm working on it.

Very busy here trying to get ready for my open house. It is two weeks from tomorrow and I'm getting stressed. There's still so much to do.

Will start show clipping everyone on Monday. It takes almost two weeks just to get all of the clipping done. It's a really itchy two weeks! LOL

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