Saturday, June 9, 2007

9 June 2007

This shot was inspired by one of my blogging buddies Anna (AB). She is amazing with her studio shots and has a wealth of ideas. I love looking at her new shots. I am dying to try out her reflection technique with the use of perspex, just havent had the time.

No horse photos today I am afraid, sorry Mike. It is very late again, I dont know where the time goes. This is going to be very shot, had a busy day and I am really tired, promise I will write at more length tomorrow.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.




AB said...

Wow Lori, that's stunning!!! I'm so touched that one of my shots inspired you :) Thank you.

{{HUGS}} Thinking of you lots, hope you're taking it easy.


CG said...

That's beautiful; very eyecatching!!

Anna said...

This is great Lori! I also love Anna's is amazing. Take care and rest some today!

Mike said...

Great shot Lori, this is so neat I will forget that you didn't post a picture of Taxes!

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