Sunday, July 29, 2007

29 July 2007

I am cheating tonight as it is 11.15 pm and I have only just got in from the show. I still have to unpack etc. so I dont have any new pics to post as I am on Larry's puter so I will post a pic in the morning.



30th July:
I am still trying to edit and sort photos, I shot 1400 pictures!!!! This one is a picture shot on Sunday morning at the show. It is a picture of a welsh pony mare and her foal who belong to one of my clients. We got in early and shot these quickly before everything started. I liked this shot despite the shadows, so hope you enjoy it too.


Rising Rainbow said...

Ok, Ok, but it better be good! LOL

Julie Blair said...

Lori, you do stay so busy! Can't wait to see what you post! I actually posted tonight on my blog! Went to the race track yesterday...hope you stop by the blog and check it out.
Sorry to hear about Taxes injury! How is the little devil??

Mike said...

I understand completely, it is difficult to keep this up on the road! Hope all is well and I hope Taxes is doing ok.


Kathy C said...

This is a beautiful pictures, including the shadows!

Sorry about Taxes. I hope he heals quickly and well.

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