Monday, July 30, 2007

30 July 2007

I havent shot jumping for years. A lot of my horse photography in South Africa consisted of show jumping, cross country and low level dressage. It was really nice to be able to photograph it again even if the fences were pretty low. So here is one of the smaller riders negotiating one of the jumps in fine style!!

I managed to get all the photos sorted and Larry is busy putting them onto my website tonight. It was a good weekend as far as sales goes which is great because all of my other shows are on the decline as far as photo sales goes. I love this club and they have been very good to me over the past four years that I have been shooting for them. I have also shot some of my best show photos here as well. It is a nice venue (despite the lack of shade) and I can get some decent backgrounds while shooting in the arena (usually cars, people, trailers, wires and general chaos).

I was really tired when I got in last night but had a reasonable nights sleep. I got Taxes leg redressed without too much trouble on my own this afternoon. It is not looking too bad as far as infection goes so it was a good thing that I got the dressing on so soon after it happened and he didnt chew it. I have a feeling that he is going to have a large scar though, time will tell. I would post a picture but I am not sure everyone would want to see it. It is about 5 inches long and two inches wide at the widest part.

Now I need to get the prints all prepared and mailed off and catch up on the barn work again.
I have posted a picture in yesterday's blog so am up to date with that.


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Mike said...

I actually saw this same thing at the Biltmore this last week. What a coincidence! Glad to hear Taxes is doing ok. What a rascal!

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