Friday, November 23, 2007

23 November 2007

Huggy Cat on the new fence

L-R : Wiggle, Cayenne, Lori, BB & Girl Sonny

Cayenne, Wiggle and BB (these three were born the same year)

Dee and Dawn, two of the yearling fillies.

After a couple of very soggy days and a pretty cold one yesterday, dank and dreary, we had a beautiful day filled with mostly sunshine today, with some periods of cloudy weather but in general it was cold but pleasant.

I fed the starving masses and then put them out in the fields and they were very happy to be out in the fresh air. The one new spicket (water hydrant) that I had replaced in the main barn had started leaking during the night and I got into a barn under water this morning, just what I needed with the cold and no chance of it drying very easily. I baled water, threw down sawdust to soak up the remaining water and managed to make an adjustment to the faucet which seems to have solved the problem, we will see tomorrow morning!!!! I also managed to get five stables cleaned and filled with sawdust, will get the remaining 8 tomorrow. We also had some snow last night so there was a nice dusting on the ground this morning, makes everything look so clean until it melts and turns to mud LOL.

The pictures today are a few that I took this morning, had to get the kitty one in for Catblogging Friday. This is Huggy Cat on the new fence next to the electric tape. Good thing he didnt zap himself. Muddy horses LOL I love muddy horses.

Hope you all have a great weekend and are recovering from Thanksgiving dinners. ((((Hugs)))) to you all.



photogchic said...

What a neat cat. I loved his "squished" face.

oldmanlincoln said...

You can tell how old I am, I suppose, because I never have seen "electric tape" for an electric fence. It was always a piece of wire stretched and wound around white porcelean standoffs nailed or wired to posts. How does the shock get through the tape?

Anyway, neat photos all.

CG said...

Always love to see darling Huggy Cat! And the horses look so beautiful and happy!

Rising Rainbow said...

That goofy cat is testing his balance on that fence. I'm sure he knows the fence is hot. Cats are so sensitive.

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