Tuesday, November 27, 2007

27 November 2007

I always find it hard at this time of the year to keep motivated especially when the dull weather, short days and cold really set in, so I have been absent for a while but am back for the moment LOL.

On one of my regular blogging buddies' blog, MiKaels Mania (the link is on the right side in my favorites), we have been discussing submissive behaviour and different responses in horses and two of them have been what some of us call "foal mouth" which is when the foal stretches its head and neck out towards an older horse, pulls the corners of its mouth and tongue back and makes a sort of chewing motion. The other is called the Flehmen Response, which is a response to a smell that I horse may encounter which causes them to curl their top lip up, one explanation is that doing this heightens their ability to smell whatever it is that has caught their attention.

Here are two pictures of these things happening. The first one is of Eb doing the foal mouth thing with Wiggle when he was still a baby, and the other is of Blue when he found something interesting to smell out in the pasture after the mares had been there before him LOL.

Not much happening, just getting through each day one at a time at the moment. Yesterday was dreadful, cold, gray and wet, we had another inch of rain. Taxes is not feeling well today, I am not sure if it is him going down with something or just depression. Yes horses do get depressed and with the weather and them being inside more because of it they feel down and go off their food. I am hoping that it is just that because I will take him out for a walk tomorrow and that will hopefully perk him up, but if he is getting ill that is a whole other ball game.

Not many photo ops the past week or so with the mud and cold. Hope you are all well. ((((Hugs))))



AB said...

Hello there!

I wanted to pop in and apologize for being a lousy blog friend of late; life has been incredibly hectic here and haven't had time for much. Thought I would let you know I am always thinking of you though and sending you {{HUGS}}.

2 weeks to go until we head to Toronto for Christmas and New Year - but SO much to do before then! I feel rather like a headless chicken these days LOL


oldmanlincoln said...

My wife and I got a kick out of these photos. Dogs do this too and I suppose you know it. Patty, my wife, reminded me that one of our dogs, Benji, pulled his lips up and he looked like he was smiling and Tiger would do the lip thing and his chin would quiver. It never failed to surprise us and made us smile.

I think this is the first time I have seen photos and the explanation on the same page. Good work.

Rising Rainbow said...

yupe, those would be the faces that they make! lol

CG said...

Have often wondered about those funny faces! I hope Taxes is ok...xxx

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia,

I came here from Old Man Lincoln's site. That second shot is a winner!

Kerri said...

All are lovely shots but I love the shot of the 2 horses together...how sweet!

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