Friday, January 18, 2008

DBD Lori Endres & Siblings

MiKael asked me what the DBD at the beginning of this mare's name stands for so I will try to explain. The original Paint Horse stud that Larry had was a horse called Sonny Dee Bee. He was a crop out (sire and dam were QH but he had too much white for the QH registry and was forced to be registered as a Paint Horse) son of the late great Sonny Dee Bar. A lot of our stock have this breeding so we took the DB from Sonny Dee Bee and then Lori's daddy is Dosie so we added the other D. All of Sonny Dee Bee's babies that we bred started with DB, all of Dosie's babies start with DBD and Blue's (who is also Dosie's son) offspring will Be DBB. As clear as mud LOL. In the Paint Horse registry you only get 21 characters to come up with a name so it gets quite challenging sometimes.

The story continues.....

Apart from Lori there were there were three other paint horse foals to deal with, DB April Dawn, DB Paula Leusman and DB Christine Harcus, all four fillies. Yes I know my husband promised me he would never be responsible for naming the horses again, he named these poor babies after his internet pals, except for April who was born on 1st April.

That was actually how I met my husband. I was living in London at the time and the internet and MSN were very new and FREE, can you imagine that? I found a group of horse people that he had set up and we corresponded for months via that medium until I decided to come over and meet him. The other two names were of friends of ours that we used to chat with online, one in Wisconsin and one in the Orkney Islands, tiny islands just off the northern coast of Scotland.

You can just imagine how I must have felt faced with these 4 beautiful little babies and all the other horses and my limited experience LOL. It was daunting. Today's picture is of Christine the youngest of the four foals, she was only a few weeks old and this was one of my first attempts at editing pictures LOL so forgive the poor Photoshop work. I will post pictures of the other two in my post tomorrow.

This is going to be a short post today ... time has just got away from me again .... so again the saga will continue....

Hope you all have a great weekend. ((((Hugs)))))



Mike said...

Very interesting. So that is how you got to the States.

Aren't the Orkney Islands close to Scapa Flow?

Anonymous said...

What a lovely photo! It's great that you are able to combine your love for horses with your photography ... excellent photography!

The internet has allowed many of us to meet people we may otherwise have never known. I am so pleased you and Larry met and are now able to share your love for horses :)

Hope you have a nice weekend {{{HUGS}}} x

CG said...

it's great how the Internet can bring people together who might otherwise never have met! it must have been "meant" for you and Larry to meet. i'm enjoying hearing more about you :)

Salty said...

Beautiful photograph with very nice digital effects!

Thanks for the award; I consider it quite a compliment coming from such an accomplished photographer

Anonymous said...

Nice photo and compelling story. I remember when AOL would kick you offline if you didn't move the mouse constantly.

You are a brave lady to journey so far around the world. Amazing story.

Rising Rainbow said...

Great story, Lori, keep it coming. lol

also glad to hear that Larry is no longer naming horses! OMG!!!

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