Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Two Birthday Boys - 15 April!!!!

When Blue was born, he was the first baby I actually watched being born, he was exceptional in every way. I was still very inexperienced and he was the third baby that had been born since my arrival. He had the most beautiful way of moving with his mile long legs. He didnt trot or walk he just loped or cantered with this amazing ease everywhere. You can find a picture of him with his momma at a few days old at the bottom of this page. He is 5 years old today. http://groups.msn.com/doubleLpainthorses/dbdblueyedwonderbarforsale.msnw .

So he is my other Tax day baby along with the Brat, aka Mikes not so little buddy, aka Taxes. Below is a shot taken by a friend a few days ago, I have no pictures of me and my horses so unfortunately they normally come at inoportune moments when I look like hell and an old hag!!

And here is the star of the show. It is hard to believe that he is already one year old. I was trying to entice him out of the barn to have a run this morning because the weather is beautiful but the area outside the doorway is very muddy and he didn't want to get his little hooves dirty. Well I eventually went into the enclosure to see if that would entice him out. It did and this was the only shot I got because he was making a B-line for me to come play!!!!! I ran like the wind and climbed through the fence LOL. Bear in mind that this yearling is probably the same size as all of my other fully grown horses and weighs 900 - 1000lbs!

Our weather as you all know from my constant complaining has been dreadful for weeks now but it is beautiful and sunny today although in the 30s or 40s still, but I will take it.

That is all the excitement for today I am afraid. (((Hugs))))) to you all and thanks for visiting.



CG said...

Happy Birthday to the 2 birthday boys; lovely to see you too Lori!

Stacey Huston said...

Beautiful horse.. Thanks for sharing .. Two birthday boys.. that's great.

Rising Rainbow said...

Happy Birthday, Taxes and Blue!

Abraham Lincoln said...

The blue eyes and that brown patch makes him a nice looking horse. I like the photos on the other page too. Very nice post.

photogchic said...

I am forever going to think of your sorrel boy this time of year! What a beautiful photo of the little troublemaker! Hope you spoiled him on his birthday.

Mike said...

Hey Happy Birthday little buddy! He has sure grown hasn't he? Hope you are doing well. I have not been getting around much lately, sorry about that.

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