Saturday, May 3, 2008

Better Late Than Never

I am really struggling to focus as you might have noticed. If anyone still comes to check here from time to time thanks and drop me a line so I know I still have a few blog buddies LOL. Today's pictures arent too pretty but it is what surrounds us at the moment.
Although the mud has dried up just about completely and we are having the odd shower of rain, the small acreage we have is not nearly enough to accomodate 11 horses, so as you can see, here is Wiggle having a nice roll which helps her get rid of her itchy winter hair and she loves to do. There is not a blade of grass to be seen in the fields.
(Click on pic to enlarge)
This second picture is one that I shot for stock the other day. The three two year old fillies spent the whole winter with access to the outdoors and a shelter and had thicker coats than the others and this is how much hair is coming off of them with plenty more to come!!!!!
(Click on pic to enlarge)

I watched the Kentucky Derby this evening with great anticipation only to be saddened by the fate of the filly who came in second. So sad, her owners and trainers must be devastated. I didn't know her and I am, but then as you all know I am a soft touch for any animal especially one in distress.

Nothing much happining here at the moment, the lilac bush is in flower, I will try to get some shots tomorrow if the wind lets up, it has been very gusty. I may set up a small studio because a friend gave me some peacock feathers and I am dying to shoot some pictures of them, so I can perhaps pick a sprig of lilac and get some shots of it too in good lighting.

I have been diligently working on archiving my photos and catagorising them all, and choosing some of the better ones for stock photos to send to the magazines and agencies. I try to do a few a day and it also helps me to just switch off and keep my mind occupied and not feel sorry for myself.

The horses are all fat and sassy and happy despite their slightly reduced rations (feed has tripled in price) and they spend all of their time outside so it has eased the burden on me as far as the stables goes. Gee is still with us, she still hasn't gone to the track so I dont know what her owner is doing but I love her to death anyway.

Taxes is as big as any of my other horses and he is only just one year old. I need to get him gelded but just have to find the cash to to it, as well as Blue. Taxes is still as pushy, nippy and naughty as ever. I will post an update pic of what the wound looks like now, amazing when you think how it started.

(((((Hugs))))) to you all, I do visit the blogs from time to time but dont always get time to leave comments.



Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back!

Anna Ridley said...

I've been a bad blogging buddy. I visit often, but don't have time to leave many comments. Know that you are always in my thoughts though and that I send you much love and (((HUGS)))


Anna Ridley said...

I've been a bad blogging buddy. I visit often, but don't have time to leave many comments. Know that you are always in my thoughts though and that I send you much love and (((HUGS)))


CG said...

I always check your blog hoping for an update :) Love that rolling pic!

Mike said...


Thanks for your recent visit. I think we are both feeling the same way about things.

I was certainly surprised to see that you are so dry. We have had nothing but rain this spring. If I remember our stats right we are about 12 inches ahead for the year. There is flooding all over and the lakes are filled to the brim. What a change from the past 3 years. I will do my best to send some your way.

Taxes certainly has an attitude doesn't he? Maybe he knew he was going to be a big boy at some point. I am glad he is healing well.

I am also glad to see you are feeling better and hope for your continued success.

I often think about you as I go by the many horse farms here in Missouri. I keep thinking I need to stop and get a picture but the horses here just don't look as impressive as yours. I have a friend who raises horses and I keep meaning to get up there and take some shots at her place. Time just doesn't seem to let me do that.

I keep watching for that train picture and look forward to it.

I will get back to blogging one of these days. I want to develop a style of sorts. I just don't feel I have ever hit that.

Take care my friend and give my best to Larry (and Taxes),


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